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About Us

The European Movement- France (ME-F) is an association that brings together men, women, and associations, regardless of political affiliation, who wish to commit to European construction with a federalist perspective. Its mission is to “develop the French people’s consciousness of Europe and of the common destiny of the people that compose it”. The ME-F is the French branch of the International European Movement.
The ME-F aims to advance debates concerning more efficient EU institutions and for an EU that is closer to its citizens. It meets regularly in Paris as well as at regional conferences, lectures, and seminars. It is stable network of both exchange and encounter for European activists. The European Movement is pluralistic: it includes, regardless of their political convictions, all people who wish to promote European integration. It operates in a democratic fashion and its manifestations are open to all.
The ME-F is…

A meeting place: The ME-F allows for exchange among passionate Europeans, so that they can meet Europeans from other member states and learn about their varying cultures and ways of thinking. After all, to go outside of one’s comfort zone and challenge one’s self is what being European is all about !
A place of welcome: There are 43 ME-F sections that exist around France, and each participant is connected to their local section. Members of the ME-F organize local demonstrations in schools, businesses, and public forums.
A place of debate : Although our members are all committed to the construction of a unified and federal Europe, the ME-F is still pluralistic and open for debate, provided that it is well-argued and rigorous. It is only through giving up our preconceived notions and ideas that we will be able to advance our thinking.
A place of reflection: The ME-F works to give people the tools needed to improve their understanding of Europe and of the world through avoiding the slogans, arguments, and jargon used by experts. It instead seeks to give clear information that is accessible to all.


After the Congress of The Hague in May 1948, the European Movement was created the October 25, 1948 under the International Committee of Movements for European Unity. Duncan Sandys was elected president and Leon Blum, Winston Churchill, Alcide De Gasperi and Paul-Henri Spaak were honorary presidents. The first major achievement of the European Movement was the creation of the Council of Europe in May 1949. The European Movement also helped form the College of Europe in Bruges and the European Center of Culture in Geneva.
Since 1948, The European Movement has played an essential role in the process of European integration. It aims to advance the debate for more effective EU institutions and for a European Union that is closer to its citizens. Today, the European Movement is represented in 44 European countries and has 23 international associations.
The French branch of the European Movement was created in 1949 and gathers over 3,000 individual adherents and 14 national member associations.

The local association Marne European Movement (MEM) was founded in 2006.

MEM administrators, October 2011